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Aug 5, 2016

Award winning author Jim Beard discusses this new anthology of pastiches that harken back to the 1960's and the "Second Tier" super-heroes that made comics so much fun.  Do you remember the Metal Men?  Metamorpho? Angel and Dove? Relive those great times in the Silver Age of comics in this prose anthology!

Jim also talks about what is new and coming up in Flinch books, his own publication group.  And stand by for some EXCITING exclusives on what else Jim has coming out VERY SOON!


Super Swingin' Heroes 1968 Special:


Jim Beard's Author page:


The Amazing Harry Houdini Volume 1:


Monster Earth:


Captain Action - Riddle of the Glowing men:


Gotham City 14 Miles: 14 Essays on Why the 1960s Batman TV Series Matters:


Big Top Tales:


The Lemon Herberts:


Airship Hunters