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Art's Reviews

Aug 20, 2015

Ric Croxton and I interview Van Reid, journalist and author of a series of novels about late 19th and early 20th Century Maine.  These are the stories of "The Moosepath League", reminiscent of the works of Mark Twain and the story from the musical "The Music Man."  Van creates a colorful group of characters who have all...

Aug 13, 2015

Author Ralph Angelo tells us about his series "The Caligostro Chronicles" an old fashioned Space Opera set in a future not far from now.  There are 3 volumes already avaialble and 2 more more in preparation. 


Ralph also describes some of his other published works including a Destroyer short story in the anthology...

Aug 1, 2015

Author Matthew Baugh discusses his new novel "The Sun King" which is the first authorized Avenger novel since the 1970s.  It is a sequel to the July 1941 Avenger pulp story "River of Ice."  matt describes his researches into Theosophy and the Nazi Aryan Race myth and his extensive research into the original German pulp...