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May 20, 2019

Our guest in this episode is Pulp-Factory Award Winning Author Gordon Dymowski whose story "The Knights of the Silver Cross" was voted best short story this year.  Gordon has written several New Pulp stories and is a recognized expert on the Doctor Who TV series.  He has contributed to the Marty Quade noir detective anthology, the recent Aka The Sinner: Cover of Night about a dark version of The Saint, a new story in Black Bat Mystery: Volume 3, and a section in a recent mental health benefit anthology When the Shadow Sees the Sun – Creatives Surviving Depression among many others.

Gordon also talks about plans for publications in the near future.


The Knights of the Silver Cross (In 1950s Western Round Up):





Marty Quade, Private Detective:


When The Shadow Sees The Sun – Creatives Surviving Depression


Gordon Dymowski Author Page:


Other Sites:

Chicago Doctor Who Meetup -