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Dec 16, 2016

After 3 long years, the wait is over.  Ron Fortier has published the 5th novel featuring Captain Hazzard! And ths is BIG novel.  It not only features Kevin Douglas Hazzard but another great Pulp hero, Jim Anthony!  Together they wrestle with the mystery of Custer's Ghost. 

An apparition on horseback wearing a niform stalks the western states beheading people.  No one knows where who he is, where he came from, or why he is doing this.  Captain Hazzard along with Jim Anthony weighs in to solve the Mystery. Along the way, surprising secrets are revealed that will change the lives of our 2 heroes forever.

Don't miss this next installment in the the Adventures of Captain Hazzard as I have a free wheeling discussion with Ron Fortier and Rob Davis aobut the new novel.


CAPTAIN HAZZARD: Custer's Ghost by Ron Fortier:


The Captain Hazzard Series: