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Nov 25, 2015

Author Dafydd Neal Dyar gives an exclusive interview on his new Pulp Adventure series "Dare Devlin."  This original character joins the ranks of the great Pulp Heroes like Doc Savage, The Shadow, The Avenger, Secret Agent X, and Operator #5.


Dafydd has long been a part of Doc Savage fandom and wrote the Doc Hazzard stories as an homage to the Man of Bronze.  Now he has created his own hero for the New Pulp audience and stepped things up a notch.  In this exclusive interview, we will hear about Dare Devlin's origins and get a brief look into what makes this character so unique.


If you were like me, a fan of the Doc Hazzard stories, you do not want to miss Dare Devlin!  The first volume in the series was introduced in a limited run at the Arizona Doccon.  Coming soon will be the full production in  ebook, softcover and hardcover versions.