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Mar 21, 2022

Award winning editor and writer Jaime Ramos has published a story Golgotha: City of Skulls about a psychic detective (John Normandy) who is searching for the kidnapped daughter of the mayor of the noir city of Golgotha. This is the first of a series of John Normandy stories.  Jaime also edited the anthology Singularity: Rise of the Post Humans which won a Pulp Factory award for best anthology.  Jaime is currently working on a graphic novel featuring his original character The Liberator which will be published by next year.  He also is working on a 3-volume graphic novel for his character The Red Spectre.  One of the overarching themes in his work is fighting human trafficking and slavery against all odds.


Golgotha: City of Skulls:


Singularity:  Rise of the Posthumans:


Lucky Comics:


Liberator Graphic Novel Group (Facebook)