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Aug 2, 2021

Pulp legend Will Murray has just published a new book on the original radio and pulp versions of The Shadow, Master of Mystery:  The Rise of the Shadow.  The book has interviews with many of the people who contributed to the creation of The Shadow back in the 1930s including Walter Gibson, John Nanovic, Theodore Tinsley, Edd Cartier, and Graves Gladney.  There is even an interview with Jim Steranko!  The book also contains an interview section by Walter Gibson in which he explains the origin of The Shadow's Girasol Fire-Opal ring!

Will and I discuss several topics includng some exclusive revelations about upcoing publications by Steeger Books and upcoming books of his that are planned for the next few months.  He has another collection of Sherlock Holmes stories and Will is finally going to collect some of his Cthulhu Mythos stories which are IMHO some of his best work!

Will is also planning a second volume on The Shadow concentrating on the story of the pulp version of The Shadow to be entitled The Dark Avenger that will likely be published next year.

Will has an ongoing column in the magazine Retrofan which can be found in bookstores and comic shops as well as on line at

Lots of interesting tidbits here.  Check it out!

(At this time only the softcover version of  Master of Mystery is available but the hadcover version should be available from the Adventures in Bronze website later this week.  E-books should be out in a month or two.)


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