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Jul 16, 2015

Author Micah Harris and I discuss his new novel "The Return of the Dugpa" starring Ravenwood - Stepson of mystery.  Micah weaves a tale that involves actual historical events with Magical Lore, metaphysical speculation, and mythic overtones.  We had some technical difficulties and the show had to be patched together from disparate bits, but the continuity is there.


Also I accidently uploaded an older show on Micah's book Heaven's War at first.  I have since corrected the file.  BTW, Heaven's War is pretty good too!  Check it out.



Ravenwood, Return of the Dugpa (print and Kindle)
Jim Anthony, the Hunters (print)
Jim Anthony, the Hunters (kindle)
Heaven's War graphic novel:
Slouching Toward Camulodunum and Other Stories (print and Kindle)
Ghost Boy Anthology (print and Kindle) - Short story: "A Gathering of Peacocks."
"The Frequency of Fear" (novella) (Kindle only)