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Jun 22, 2023

Bill Tracy is a retired engineer with a passion for hard sci fi, imaginative fantasy, and LGBTQ themes.  He has a  Dissolutionverse series of Three novels 6 novellas and 3 short stories. His newest series is The Biomass Conflux the first volume of which is Of Mycelium and Men.  Generational colonization ships find an earth- like planet that has been previously colonized by a sentient fungal biomass.  This is a hard science story with fantasy elements.

Bill has been a prolific author and has his own publishing company (Space Wizard, Science, Fantasy).  He also has a Kickstarter project where you can great some deals on up and coming books over the next year.

The Mycelium book is an excellent read and there will be two more books in the trilogy.  There is a wide variety of story genres for almost any SciFi or Fantasy taste.  Check him out!

Amazon Author's Page: William C Tracy: books, biography, latest update


Bill Tracy's web site:

Space Wizard Science Fantasy - Space Wizard Science Fantasy



Space Wizard Science Fantasy: Year 2! by William C. Tracy — Kickstarter