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Mar 17, 2016

David Boop, Bobby Nash, Josh Vogt, James Palmer, and Adam Garcia are my special guests for this show highlighting their contributions to a Moonstone anthology of new stories about the Black Bat.  There are crossovers, team-ups, origin tales, and old fashioned adventure in each of the nine tales in this volume.  There is also a preview of the book "The Day of the Destroyers" which pits Special Agent Jimmie Flint against forces that are conspiring against the United States.  Aiding agent Flint is.... The Black Bat!

We have a have wide-ranging discussion on the significance of these stories in the shared continuity of the New Pulp World as well as some exclusive insights into the writing of these stories.  And each of the authors tells us what proiectsw they have  coming out in the near future.

David Boop:

The Trace Walker Temporary Mysteries  (Free 1K word stories)

The first three are available by searching for my name.


Honey West – Most Dangerous Honeys


Gridiron – First Down


Superhero Monster Hunters – the Good Fight Anthology


Night Lights Anthology


“Torn” from today’s headlines. A revealing Superhero story and it’s free!

Uniformity by David Boop


Rippers Resurrected (Victorian Horror)


Bobby Nash:


Black Bat Returns
Moonstone's Black Bat page:
Domino Lady "Money Shot"
Moonstone's Domino Lady page:
Lance Star:
Josh Vogt:
James Palmer:
And in case no one else has listed it, Legends of New Pulp Fiction:
Mars McCoy Space Ranger, Volume 2 Audio: 
Adam Garcia: