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Aug 20, 2018

Author Roger Alford discusses his New Pulp Hero (Protagonist?) The Black Spectre in his first Adventure "Ghosts in the Asylum".  This is a Pulp hero with a difference.  He is not a "goody two shoes" but a man trying to overcome his disabilities as he reluctantly ends up fighting against the forces of evil.  We get to see a hero growing into something more as he uses his powers to overcome his own deficiencies and in the process becomes a champion of justice.

For a new and different New Pulp experience, with all the action and suspense for which Pulp fans long to get, check out Rogers Black Spectre Series.

For an extra treat, the second audio recording is Roger doing a reading from each of his first 2 Black Spectre stories.


Ghost in the Asylum:


Roger Alford's Author Page:


Black Hood Press: