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Jun 7, 2021

In 1970, Warren Murphy and Richard Sapir published a story they had been working on for several years Created: The Destroyer.   Over the next year they published volumes 2 and 3 in the series and gave us Remo Williams, Chiun, the history of the House of Sinanju (history's greatest assassins), the secret government agency CURE,  and a stable of colorful villains that have progressed through over 150 novels, a film, a TV pilot and kept fandom enthralled for over 50 years.

Gerald Welch became acquainted with Warren Murphy and with Warren's blessing has created a series of novels of Sinanju's second generation.  Gerald has taken up the mantle that Warren and Dick had begun and has given us a series of Legacy novels that continues the story through the 21st Century. Gerry's work is a worthy successor to that of the original authors and of the other writers in the Destroyer who came after them.

Homecoming is a well crafted and exciting story that every fan of Remo and Chiun must read. And Gerry has several more stories in the pipeline.  In fact, the entire Legacy series is must reading for Destroyer fans.  Don't miss any of them!


Legacy 8:  Homecoming:


Gerald welch Author Page:


Warren Murphy & Richard Sapir- The Destroyer series: