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Apr 9, 2018

Author Jeff Deischer one of the few men to personally write a chronology of the entire Doc Savage corpus gives us a Doc Savage pastiche set in 1999 bringing the story up into modern times.  And it works! This is a story with plenty of action, Easter Eggs for the diehard fan, and an understanding of the character and his legacy that only a master pulp writer and Pulp chronicler could give us!  This is a terrific story that I think every true Pulp Hero  fan will enjoy. What's more Jeff has done something very difficult: his Doc Brazen bridges the gap between the Pulp Style of the 1930s and 1940s  and the modern world.

I consider this to be Jeff's finest novel to date.  This is the kind of story the fans of Old Pulp and New Pulp are looking for.

Don't miss this one!


Doc Brazen:  Millennium Bug


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