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Jan 29, 2018 we await the publication of Will Murray's latest Doc Savage stories Mr. Calamity and Valley of Eternity which will be available very soon, I thought it would be interesting to recommend some of the pastiches to the doc savage stories that have been published in recent years.

The links below will direct the reader to these publications:

Doc Savage-Mr. Calamity/Valley of Eternity by Will Murray (Coming Soon!)


Operation: Long Life by E. Hoffman Price


The Satan Sleuth by Michael Avallone


Doc Ardan by Guy d'Armen , Win Scott Eckhart, and Christopher aul Carey


Doc Vandal by Dave Robinson


Prince Zarkon by Lin Carter


Challenger by Jeff Deischer


Doc Sidhe by Aaron Allston


Sung in Blood by Glen Cook


Doc Wilde by Tim Byrd