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Mar 13, 2017

Frank Schildiner - prolific author, martial artist, and Wold Newton Enthusiast- has written a second novel in his series about the Gouroull version of Frankenstein.  This is based on the character in novels of Jean Claude Carriere. This Frankenstein is not a sympathetic character tinged with pathos. He is a rampaging monster with no redeeming qualities who is struggling to fulfill for himself a broken promise of his creator, Victor Frankenstein to create him a mate. 

In this second novel, "The Triumph of Frankenstein" Gouroull discovers a relative of his creator, Elizabeth Frankenstein who is trying to duplicate her famous cousins blasphemous work of reanimation.  He decides to share the secrets of his own body with her if she will assist him in his quest for a mate.  Because of his penchant for mayhem, Gouroull has several stark battles along the way as he and Elizabeth try to outmaneuver each other.  This is a tightly constructed story with elements of adventure, violence, and horror. 

We also talked about some of Frank's other recent work and some up coming releases.


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