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May 31, 2021

Fred Adams is a retired English professor and a prolific pup writer who specializes in complex adventures with moral dilemmas and supernatural overtones.  His latest novel Fangs of the Sea is a rollicking 18th Century sea story Involving Vampires, Zombies, Pirates, Spanish Caribbean Colonists on the lam from the Inquisition, a knowledgeable (though maverick) priest, and a Rogue British Naval Captain who come together in a conflict in which the fate of the world is at stake.  As is typical of Fred's work, there is lots of action, horror, the problem that doing the "right" thing may not always be the "good" thing.  It is a fun read and it makes you think while you are enjoying yourself.

Fred also Just had another volume in his CO Jones series entitled Homecoming, USA where the former government agent turned psychic private detective goes to rural Pennsylvania to investigate an unorthodox attempt to bring down the local mob.

He also has a non-fiction book due out in July Edith Wharton: American Gothic in which he explores the themes in Edith Wharton's stories that coincide with psychological "vampirism."  The book will deal with Jungian archetypes, codependence, and way that some people suck the life out of those around them.  This promises to be an interesting read.


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