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Oct 8, 2015

Veteran Writer and Edgar Award Nominee Gary Lovisi discusses the two new novels in his Jon Kirk series.  This series is an homage to Edgar Rice Burroughs breakthrough interplanetary romance character, John Carter of Mars.  Vietnam soldier Jon Kirk dies in combat and awakens on the planet Ares in the Orion star system where he begins a series of adventures to bring peace to a cruel and conflict ridden world.  The first book in the series (The Winged Men) describes how Jon Kirk arrived on Ares and became the warrior champion of its down trodden human population.  The story continues in 2 new novels,  The Invisible Men and The Space Men.


Join Gary and me for a lively discussion of this action packed series!






The Jon Kirk of Ares book are published by Wildside Press, www#wildsidebooks#com
#2 & 3 are also available on Amazon, B&N#com, as ebooks, and on Nook, also as hard copies trade paperbacks on www#abebooks#com, and on ebay#
The crime novel The Last Goodbye is also just out, a novel and 3 hard crime pulp Vic Powers stories, trade paperback and e-book format from www#boldventurepress#com#
Hard copies of  these 4 new books #signed if requested# are also available at  Gary's website, and if anyone wants to contact Gary they can get in touch through his website.