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Apr 29, 2015

Join me with author Jerry Gill as we discuss his Vic Challenger Series based on the original character Victoria Custer from Edgar Rice Burroughs novel The Eternal Savage.  Victoria Custer discovered that she had lived before as a female warrior 100,000 years ago!  Tragically she had died before marrying her one true love.  Now in modern times she becomes a traveling adventure reporter seeking her reincarnated lover!  Jerry's first novel in the series Time Doesn't Matter retells ERB's original story updated for the modern reader and sets the stage for a new adventure series with a plucky female protagonist having adventures all over the world in the 1920s. Four books have been published so far and a fifth should be out within a month.  And there are more to come!

Links from Jerry:

My main Vic Challenger site is:

Besides the books and their info there is a page of
references for historical and science facts and a page of free inspirational
posters which can be printed, copied or pinned.  There is a page where
those who want paperback can save $2 per book or get first 4 novels
at a discount compared to Amazon.

I have a Pinterest account and each Vic book has a
related board which people might find interesting.

Kindle users can find all books at

My twitter is