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Oct 31, 2017

This is the first visit of author Michael Howard to Art's Reviews.  He has written a new adventure for early Pulp hero The Gray Seal. This is the first new Gray Seal adventure in 80 years!  Canadian author Frank Packard had created an iconic character that predated the classic pulp heroes by 2 decades and was the inspiration for many of the heroes that followed including the Shadow, the Spider, Batman, the Green Hornet and a host of others.

Mike and I discuss the Gray Seal and his place in literary history.  He talks about his love of the old Pulps and the crossovers and homages that he has in al of his stories.  We also discuss some of his other novel Manhattan Masquerade and an award winning on-line fan fiction story that is free online.  He also shares news of a special upcoming publication that should be out for Christmas 2017 which will be of interest to Pulp fans everywhere!


Jimmie Dale: Alias The Gray Seal-


Manhattan Masquerade-


UNDERCOVER:  a free Kim Possible/Gilmore Girls/Cthulhu Crossover-


Jimmie Dale Facebook page-


Mike Howard's Facebook Page: