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Mar 6, 2017

Ric Croxton, along with  Tom and Ginger Johnson discuss a new open group on Facebook "Men's Adventure Paperback Books from the 70's and 80's."  This group not only discusses the Men's Adventure books that were such a big hit in the 1960s through the 1990s.  They also swap boxes of books from that period.  For all of us who were there and those of us who were too young to remember, it is a chance to relive the genre of literature that preceded and set the stage for the New Pulp movement.  Come on and join the group!


Men's Adventure Paperback Books from the 70's and 80's on Facebook:


Behind the Mask 2 by Tom Johnson:


Behind the Mask 1 by Tom Johnson:


Amazon's Tom Johnson page:


Amazon's John Cater Page: