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Apr 1, 2017

Award winning author Micah S. Harris discusses his contribution to the latest "Tales of the Shadowmen" anthology "Volume 13: San Froid."  This is a tale of mystical horror taking place in an 18th Century French Monastery.  the story is filed with allusions to other horror literature including "Malpertuis" by Jean Ray who is considered to be the French equivalent to H. P. Lovecraft.  There are also overtones from Micah's novel "Ravenswood: The Return of the Dugpa" which was awarded the Pulp Factory award for Best Novel in 2015.

We discuss the many things that Micah has been doing recently including an upcoming  reboot of his popular Becky Sharp stories.  Becky was the amoral "bad girl" in William Thackeray's classic novel "Vanity Fair" who has had several harrowing adventures through Space and Time.

And as usual we cover a wide range of topics and tangents. Mica and I had a blast and we know you will enjoy the entire interview.


"The Goat of St. Elster" (Free download of the story!):

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<a href="">Micah Harris - The Goat of St. Elster</a>
"Tales of the Shadowmen, Vol. 13 : Sang Froid"
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