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Apr 13, 2016

Author Michael Panush discusses his new novel "The Dagger Men."  Set in the classic pulp era of the 1920s, Clay Shamus (Golem Detective), Zipporeh Sarfati (Sephadic Swordswoman), and Harvey Holtz (Jewish mystic and scholar) do battle with the Sicarii, an ancient order of dagger wielding terrorist who are plotting the destruction of the modern world!  Lots of action, adventure, and strange doings.

Mike has a lot of books available at Amazon.  Once you've enjoyed "The Dagger Men", you will want more!

We also have some interesting tangents and suggestions for outside reading.


The Dagger Men:


Michael Panush's Amazon page:


Green Ghost Anthology:


Other books by Mike:



Chaim Potok's Amazon page:


Isaac Bashevis Singer's Amazon Page (His stories were the basis of "Fiddler on the Roof")


A Novel based on the legend of the 36 Righteous Men: