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Dec 23, 2019

The legendary Ron Fortier is the current publisher of the Airship 27 line of publications that focuses on New Pulp material.  But he had his start in publishing in the world of comics.  Ron has interacted with several well known comic publishers such as Charlton, Now, Malibu and Alpha Productions over a period spanning 47 years.  He was there as comics rose to the prominence they have today in popular culture. And he has some great stories to tell!

Join us in a free wheeling discussion of his career in comics with some stories from the book and some exclusive stories NOT included in the book.  We also discuss some of the new and up-coming work from Airship 27.


My Life in Comics (A Memoir) by Ron Fortier (Amazon):


My Life in Comics (A Memoir) by Ron Fortier (Airship 27 Hangar):


Pulp Factory Group on Facebook:


Contact Ron: