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Feb 8, 2021

Authors Thomas Fortenberry, Robert H. Hudson Jr, Edward Lee Love, Mark Marderosian, and Jeff Deischer are all guests in this show to describe their contributions to the anthology Once More into the Breach: Atomic Gods and Monsters, Volume 2.  This is a collection of stories from different genres using public domain comic characters from the early 1950s.  It is an entertaining mix of tales with roots in the superhero, action, pulp, and horror worlds with a 1950s flavor.  This is part of an on going anthology series with new volumes published every quarter.  There is something for almost everybody in this series.  Check it out!

Once More Into the Breach (Atomic Gods and Monsters,
Volume 2):


Ground Zero (Atomic Gods and Monsters, Volume 1):


Thomas Fortenberry's Page:


Edward Lee Love's Page:


Jeff Deischer's Author Page: