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Oct 28, 2016

The incomparable Will Murray's latest book is the first novel featuring Patricia Savage as the hero.  Pat is the younger cousin of her more famous relative, Doc Savage. She as tried to become a part of Doc's life of adventure but he has been reticent about including her too deeply into the dangerous world of adventure in which he lives.  But Pat is cut from the same cloth as her cousin.  She longs for adventure and like Doc, it often reaches out to get her.

The story of Six Scarlet Scorpions starts out with Pat flying down to Tulsa, Oklahoma to invest in some oil lands.  She brings with her Monk Mayfair who had been raised in Tulsa and we learn many things about his early life. As usual, even when they are not looking for trouble, it finds them and so begins a story with many sharp turns, surprises, and troubles galore for our heroine.  This is a story you don't want to miss!

Will also talks about other projects which are on going including a team up between Doc Savage and The Shadow!


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