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Jan 6, 2020

Award winning author Micah Harris has written a new novel that includes romance, action, fantasy, adventure, and an exploration of the coming-of-age of a young Princess destined to be Queen of her realm despite some handicaps caused by a supernatural attack.  This is an ambitious story that is not just "sword and sorcery" but also a battle between good and evil  in the mythical kingdom of Aarastad in an alternate 19th Century where magic still works. 

Freya believes herself to be the elemental "Snow Queen" from the stories of Hans Christian Anderson.  Because of this she cannot bond with mere humans and her education is lacking.  That is where young Ambrose (a newly trained scholar) becomes her tutor and the interaction between these two headstrong people leads to a romantic relationship in which they both grow.  Meanwhile, there are Pict warriors, Mastodons, a paladin minister, wizards, necromancers, and a healthy helping of court intrigue to season the mix.  

Micah Harris does not disappoint in this epic fantasy that is the first novel in the Aarastad Series published by Minor Profit Press.

This is a fun story with a serious exploration of psychological, moral, and heroic themes.  Check it out!

(For a limited time, the Kindle version is only 99 Cents!)


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