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Aug 10, 2021

Author Micah S. Harris completes is Witches of Winter Trilogy with Portrait of War, Ice, and Dragons.  The erstwhile scholar Ambrose Aurelianus returns to Aarastad incognito as the Marquis of Cawthorne and begins a campaign of revenge against the minions of Lord Melchior in the guise of the Wurger Mendicant.  And that is only the beginning.  The battle between the forces of good Queen Freyja and the demonic power of Maeol Gealdor.  There is plenty of action in this volume including battles with DRAGONS!  Don't miss the exciting conclusion of the Witches of Winter Trilogy!


Portrait of War, Ice, and Dragons:


The Witches of Winter Trilogy :


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Artwork and logo by Nathan Pride, tm 2021, 2018 Micah S. Harris 
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