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May 21, 2016

Join me, Ron Fortier, Derrick Ferguson, and Jem Matzan as we discuss the series "Sinbad: The New Voyages."  The hit series is based on the vision that special effect legend Ray Harryhausen brought to his classic adventure films about the swashbuckler Sinbad the sailor!  Now these new adventures are moving from books to eBooks to audiobooks as audible releases the first 3 books in the series featuring talented voice actor Jem Matzan.  Ron and Derrick discuss the origins of the new series and recreates some of the voices he sues in his readings.


 Sinbad: The New Voyages:


Sinbad on audible:


Ron Fortier:


Jem Matzan:


Derrick Ferguson:


If you've been reading and enjoying Airship 27's SINBAD: THE NEW VOYAGES series (and if you haven't been reading them, shame on you) then you might enjoy hearing Thomas Deja and I discussing the classic Ray Harryhausen Sinbad Trilogy that inspired SINBAD: THE NEW VOYAGES.