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May 14, 2019

Jeff Deischer has just written his 50th novel "The Gates of Heaven."  This is an interstellar story set in the 24th century where the most powerful warship in the Concordat Federation fleet confronts an entity on a remote planet who claims to be God. This is an intellectual and philosophical thriller.


Jeff also has published  2 short novellas in Kindle format:

If You Can't Take The Heat-  A 60s-style spy romp where an older male agent teams up with the daughter of one of his former female partners to stop a madman who can control the weather!


Infection:  A Tale of First Contact- A salvage space vessel runs across a derelict warship and investigates it.  Little do they know what is lurking inside.


The Gates of Heaven:


Infection: A Tale of First Contact:


If You Can't Stand The Heat:


Other Jeff Deischer websites:
on facebook: "jeff deischer the writer" page: