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May 24, 2021

In the 1960s, Philip Jose Farmer began an in-depth study of the Tarzan stories by Edgar Rice Burroughs to find the true story behind the actual person upon whom Tarzan of the Apes was based.  This included historical studies, reviews of Burke's Peerage, and delving into the scientific bases of a feral man raised by apes.  He also started putting out "feelers" to obtain an interview with the actual man upon whom Tarzan was based.  He eventually succeeded in obtaining a 15 minute interview with this person.  

This book edited by Paul Spiteri and Mike Croteau collects all the known documentation of Farmer's investigations and the text of the interview.  There is some material collected here that has never been published before.  It also includes some of Farmer's notes from "The Magic Filing Cabinet" that have never been seen before.

Here is the material that inspired Phil Farmer to write his definitive biography of Lord Greystoke,  Tarzan Alive and his novels A Feast Unknown, The Mad Goblin, Lord of the Trees, and Lord Tyger.

No PJF or Tarzan fan can afford to miss this one!

This book is one of three new books being published by Meteor House Press in the Summer of 2021.  It can be ordered at the publisher's website.


The Man Who Met Tarzan:


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The Eskimo Invasion by Hayden Howard (How the Wold Newton Meteor may have possibly caused favorable genetic mutations explained.)


Part of the interview with Philip Jose Farmer in Moi, Tarzan (French Language film).