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Aug 20, 2015

Ric Croxton and I interview Van Reid, journalist and author of a series of novels about late 19th and early 20th Century Maine.  These are the stories of "The Moosepath League", reminiscent of the works of Mark Twain and the story from the musical "The Music Man."  Van creates a colorful group of characters who have all sorts of adventures from mysteries, to romance, to ghost stories.

Van is a diehard pulp fan and honed his writings skills from reading Doc Savage, the Shado, and Conan.  His work includes homages to the pulp greats.  (In his Christmas novel from the series there is an entire chapter written to honor Robert E. Howard which he had to expalin and justify to his Penguin Book Editor.)

Come enjoy this marvelous upbeat series that is godd for all ages and kept even crusty old adventure pulp fans like Ric and I enhtralled!


Van Reid's Moosepath webpage: