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May 25, 2020

The Dynamic Duo that underlies Airship 27 have a new project:  Who's Who in New Pulp.  This is a planned directory of the major players in the New Pulp movement: Authors, Artists, Editors, Publishers, and anyone who has contributed to the rekindling of interest in the Old Pulps as well as the recent resurgence in the creation of the New Pulps.  Ron Fortier and Rob Davis are putting this together and anyone interested in being included in the coming book should send a 300 word bio along with a picture suitable for publication to Ron at The deadline for submission is 25 June 2020.


We also discussed several new projects on which Ron and Rob have been working:


Sherlock Holmes, Consulting Detective , Volume 15


Ravenwood: Stepson of Mystery Volume 4:


UPCOMING NOVEL: The Road Twice Travelled by R. A. Jones


UPCOMING NOVEL:  A new Bay Phantom novel by Chuck Miller


UPCOMING NOVEL:  A new Brother Bones Novel by Ron Fortier


Current Kickstarter for Divinity and Twilight Grimm