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Jeff Deischer's Argentverse series continues with this new novel "Modern Times".  This series is an homage to the Silver Age of Comics that most of us remember.  These stories have the same types of heroic battles between Superheroes and Supervillains that we thrilled to in the 1960s and 1970s.  "Modern Times" actually takes that same spirit into the early part of the 21st Century.  It is comprised of three parts that at first seem to be separate but eventually reveal an underlying common thread.  Jeff writes a more adult type of story that is different from his earlier forays into the Artgentverse.  There are secret, twists, and surprises as the story unfolds.  If you love superheroes and comic action this is the book for you!


And as always there are exclusive revelations about other upcoming publications along the way!


Modern Times:


Jeff Deischer's Amazon Page:


Links from Jeff:



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This lecture from Pulpfest 2016 talks about the artists who did the covers and the interior work for Argosy Magazine.  It also covers the Award ceremony for te Lamont Award Given to David Saunders.

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Author and Pulp Scholar Rick Lai headlines a new book that tells tales about the Spaghetti-Western hero SABATA and attempts to reconcile the various incarnations of this character.  He is joined by veteran writers Erik Franklin and Frank Schildiner to give three tales of Wild West adventure and a concluding essay by Rick describing a timeline for the character of major Sabbath.  If you are  a fan of Sabata, or Sartana, the Colonel, the Major, or Angel Eyes, you don't want to miss this one!


Major Sabbath:


Rick Lai Author page:


Erik Franklin:


Frank Schildiner:

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In this panel discussion, Paul Spiteri, Chris Carey, Win Eckert, and Danny Adams discuss their experiences collaborating wit Phil Farmer in bringing unfinished works present in his "Magic Filing Cabinet."  This is part of the story of how the works and ideas of Philip Jose Farmer Have been kept alive by his fans, friends, and relations.

Paul Spiteri:


Chris Carey:


Win Eckert:


Danny Adams:


Meteor House:

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Writer, publisher, and Pulp wunderkind Tommy Hancock fills us in on SOME of what's new at ProSe publications.  There are so many things happening at ProSe that I can't even count them.  They will have published almost 100 works in 2016!  As always, Tommy and I have a blast and there are a few exclusives coming out RIGHT HERE!  Don't miss it!


ProSe Press:


Tommy Hancock's  Author Page:


ProSe at Amazon:

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Author Dick Enos discusses the most recent stories in his two ongoing series: Rick Steele and Laura Destiny.  Rick Steele is a freelance pilot n the 1950s who seeks adventure all over the world in his cargo plane.  Laura Destiny is a transgender detective who quit the force and started her own private detective agency. Dick is always ebullient and entertaining just like his stories!


Dick's Amazon author's page:

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Author John Breuning talks with us about his first novel "The Midnight Guardian : Hour of Darkness"  from Flinch books. This is a classic pulp hero adventure set in the 1930s in a town called Union City.  The protagonist is typical for this kind of period piece.  He uses his Yankee ingenuity, American know-how, and commitment to what is right to combat a classic pulp villain with few - if any - redeeming qualities.  This novel has had rave reviews across the internet and it is a tale that builds momentum and comes to a shattering climax.  If you are a fan of Doc Savage, The Shadow, The Avenger, or any of the other great pulp heroes, this story is for you!


The Midnight Guardian-


Big Top Tales:


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Author Jeff Deischer  gives us the 4th book in his Argent universe series.  The Argent Universe is an homage to the comics of the Silver Age with which fellows like Jeff and I enjoyed while growing up.  Strange Days is an action packed novel with many plot twists.  It focuses on the "second tier" heroes of those days and brings back the type of adventure we all know and loved about the comics of the 60s and 70s.  It is an ideal summer beach book.

Strange Days:


Jeff Deischer's Amazon Author's Page:


Kirby Collector #68:


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Danny Adams does a reading from his latest collaboration novel with his Uncle Philip Jose Farmer:  Dayworld:  A Hole in Wednesday


Chris Carey does a reading from his latest Khokarsa novel: Blood of Ancient Opar.


Win Eckert Gives us a reading and the back ground story to his chapbook:

Being an Account of the Delay at  Green River, Wyoming, of Phileas Fogg, World Traveler, or,  The Masked Man Meets an English Gentleman


Check out all of the offerings at Meteor House Press:

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John is an accomplished writer with several series in print.  Here he reads for us from some of his old work and some of his newest work. 


Amazon Author's Page

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