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The legendary Ted White discusses his career n the pulps, SciFi, and publishing.  This talk brought back memories for me from 50 years ago!

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The Presentation of the Munsey award at Pulpfest!

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The incomparable Will Murray's latest book is the first novel featuring Patricia Savage as the hero.  Pat is the younger cousin of her more famous relative, Doc Savage. She as tried to become a part of Doc's life of adventure but he has been reticent about including her too deeply into the dangerous world of adventure in which he lives.  But Pat is cut from the same cloth as her cousin.  She longs for adventure and like Doc, it often reaches out to get her.

The story of Six Scarlet Scorpions starts out with Pat flying down to Tulsa, Oklahoma to invest in some oil lands.  She brings with her Monk Mayfair who had been raised in Tulsa and we learn many things about his early life. As usual, even when they are not looking for trouble, it finds them and so begins a story with many sharp turns, surprises, and troubles galore for our heroine.  This is a story you don't want to miss!

Will also talks about other projects which are on going including a team up between Doc Savage and The Shadow!


Six Scarlet Scorpions:


Will Murray's Author Page:


Adventures in Bronze:


Altus Press:

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Pulp legends Anthony Issabella and Anthony Tollin Discuss the history of The Shadow.  They reveal some of the secrets that only insiders can tell!

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Ron Fortier Moderates a panel of new pulp authors about thier work.  The panel consisted of Jeff Fournier, Barbara Doran, Win Eckert, and Andy Fix .  This was a lively discussion on what it is like to be a writer in the New Pulp Movement.

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Ms. Doran reads from her book "Claws of the Golden Dragon" and from her contribution to volume 5 of "Sinbad: The New Voyages."


Claws of the Golden Dragon:


Sinbad: The New Voyages:


Barbara Doran's Page:

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Jeff Deischer's latest book, "Mystery Men" is a triptych of short interconnected stories describing the period of transition from the pulp hero world to the world of comic heroes.  Each story highlights the adventures of a new hero struggling to save the world as it evolves around them.  Through these three stories, there is a common thread and a few surprises along the way.  Enjoy the stories as the heroes Crimson Crusader, Karma, and Dr. Stellar pave the way to the new future of adventure.

Jeff captures the thrill of the pulps and the emerging excitement of the larger than life super heroes.  This is the sixth book of the Argentverse series which is an homage to the Silver Age of Comics which we al have known and loved. 

This edition includes an Introduction by Pulp Legend Tom Johnson.


Mystery Men:


Jeff Deischer's Page:

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Jeff Deischer's Argentverse series continues with this new novel "Modern Times".  This series is an homage to the Silver Age of Comics that most of us remember.  These stories have the same types of heroic battles between Superheroes and Supervillains that we thrilled to in the 1960s and 1970s.  "Modern Times" actually takes that same spirit into the early part of the 21st Century.  It is comprised of three parts that at first seem to be separate but eventually reveal an underlying common thread.  Jeff writes a more adult type of story that is different from his earlier forays into the Artgentverse.  There are secret, twists, and surprises as the story unfolds.  If you love superheroes and comic action this is the book for you!


And as always there are exclusive revelations about other upcoming publications along the way!


Modern Times:


Jeff Deischer's Amazon Page:


Links from Jeff:



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This lecture from Pulpfest 2016 talks about the artists who did the covers and the interior work for Argosy Magazine.  It also covers the Award ceremony for te Lamont Award Given to David Saunders.

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Author and Pulp Scholar Rick Lai headlines a new book that tells tales about the Spaghetti-Western hero SABATA and attempts to reconcile the various incarnations of this character.  He is joined by veteran writers Erik Franklin and Frank Schildiner to give three tales of Wild West adventure and a concluding essay by Rick describing a timeline for the character of major Sabbath.  If you are  a fan of Sabata, or Sartana, the Colonel, the Major, or Angel Eyes, you don't want to miss this one!


Major Sabbath:


Rick Lai Author page:


Erik Franklin:


Frank Schildiner:

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