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Ian Watson has written several stories in the the New Sherlock Holmes anthologies from Airship 27.  His stories have been some of the best it he series and he has won an award for this work. Ian has an amazng affinity for the characters and te period.  His kowledge of Victorian England.  Now he has written a new novel in which he brings together Sherlock Holmes, Harry Houdini, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and Oscar Wilde!  This adventure includes a great mystery, fantastic over-the-top characters, and the actual meeting of Holmes with his "literary agent" (and creator) Conan Doyle. The background for the story is an actual event when Oscar Wilde and Sir Arthur met to have lunch with a famous american publisher.  Into the mix comes Holmes who is in good company with the witty Wilde and the the physician author who breathed such literary life into the chronicles of Holmes exploits.  This is another home run (or a Six in Cricket) for Ian watson!


Holmes and Houdini (Limited Edition run for Pulpfest 2016)


Airship 27 On-Line Catalog:


Amazon Ian A. Watson Page:


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Award wining author, Bobby Nash, discusses his novel "Snow Falls" which introduces Abraham Snow.  A retired undercover operative recuperating from a very close call with death, Abraham Snow goes into private consulting work.  He was hoping for a quiet series of security jobs, but it never happened.  This is e first book in the Snow Trilogy.  And there will be even more to come.

Bobby also discusses his "love affair" with Domino Lady. an upcoming novel in the Lance Star series, and other tidbits that fans will want to know!


Snow Falls


The Adventures of Lance Star: Collected stories by Bobby Nash


Bobby Nash Page at AMAZON:


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Chuck Miller is the creator of some of the most unusual characters in New Pulp.  He is known for his Black Centipede stories, Bloody Mary Jane, Little Precious, and Moriarty, Lord of the Vampires.  He now sets his sights on his first novel length story of "Sherlock Holmes: The Picture of Innocence."   This is the REAL story upon which Sir Arthur Conan Doyle based his tale, "The Sign of Four."  In it Holmes and Watson early in their association encounter Oscar Wilde and Sir Arthur himself.  This is a tale of whimsy, adventure, and the clashes of unique characters in a story that is both familiar and new.  And as always we dabble in some fascinating tangents and discuss Chuck's larger body of work.

A true Sherlock Holmes fan does NOT want to miss this one!


Sherlock Holmes: A Picture of Innocence


Chuck Miller Page:


Kolchak: Penny Dreadful Double Feature

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After 3 long years, the wait is over.  Ron Fortier has published the 5th novel featuring Captain Hazzard! And ths is BIG novel.  It not only features Kevin Douglas Hazzard but another great Pulp hero, Jim Anthony!  Together they wrestle with the mystery of Custer's Ghost. 

An apparition on horseback wearing a niform stalks the western states beheading people.  No one knows where who he is, where he came from, or why he is doing this.  Captain Hazzard along with Jim Anthony weighs in to solve the Mystery. Along the way, surprising secrets are revealed that will change the lives of our 2 heroes forever.

Don't miss this next installment in the the Adventures of Captain Hazzard as I have a free wheeling discussion with Ron Fortier and Rob Davis aobut the new novel.


CAPTAIN HAZZARD: Custer's Ghost by Ron Fortier:


The Captain Hazzard Series:


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Philip Wylie and Edward Balmer  wrote the classic end-of-the-world-disaster novels When Worlds Collide and After Worlds Collide in 1933.  These were  serious Science Fiction novels not a mere entertainment.  it tells the story of Earth's destruction and the groups of men and women who struggled to leave our world and colonize an alien planet.  It was well written, brilliantly conceived, and filled with human drama and imagination.  Unfortunately, there were several plotlines that were left hanging and there were not any more novels in the series to help bring some closure to this momentous story UNTIL NOW!

Veteran writer Jeff Deischer has written a third novel to continue entitled Beyond Worlds Collide which takes up where the last novel ended and reveals more detail about the further adventures of the modern-day "Argonauts who left earth to preserve what was left of the human race.

Jeff carries on in a similar literary style to the original stories but adds more excitement and conflict.  This is a fun excursion into the world created by Wylie and Balmer exploring the fate of the last surviving humans in the universe.  This is a fitting sequel to a classic and beloved series.


Beyond Worlds Collide by Jeff Deischer-


When Worlds Collide by Philip Wylie and Edward Balmer-


After Worlds Collide  by Philip Wylie and Edward Balmer-


Some of Jeff's links:



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The legendary Ted White discusses his career n the pulps, SciFi, and publishing.  This talk brought back memories for me from 50 years ago!

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The Presentation of the Munsey award at Pulpfest!

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The incomparable Will Murray's latest book is the first novel featuring Patricia Savage as the hero.  Pat is the younger cousin of her more famous relative, Doc Savage. She as tried to become a part of Doc's life of adventure but he has been reticent about including her too deeply into the dangerous world of adventure in which he lives.  But Pat is cut from the same cloth as her cousin.  She longs for adventure and like Doc, it often reaches out to get her.

The story of Six Scarlet Scorpions starts out with Pat flying down to Tulsa, Oklahoma to invest in some oil lands.  She brings with her Monk Mayfair who had been raised in Tulsa and we learn many things about his early life. As usual, even when they are not looking for trouble, it finds them and so begins a story with many sharp turns, surprises, and troubles galore for our heroine.  This is a story you don't want to miss!

Will also talks about other projects which are on going including a team up between Doc Savage and The Shadow!


Six Scarlet Scorpions:


Will Murray's Author Page:


Adventures in Bronze:


Altus Press:

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Pulp legends Anthony Issabella and Anthony Tollin Discuss the history of The Shadow.  They reveal some of the secrets that only insiders can tell!

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Ron Fortier Moderates a panel of new pulp authors about thier work.  The panel consisted of Jeff Fournier, Barbara Doran, Win Eckert, and Andy Fix .  This was a lively discussion on what it is like to be a writer in the New Pulp Movement.

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