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Nov 13, 2017

Award winning author Andrew Salmon has written 5 Sherlock Holmes stories for the Airship 27 Series: Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective.  Two of these stories have received Pulpworks Awards for Best Short Story.  The other three have bee nominated for awards.  This is an excellent collection of some of Andrews's best work. These are now collected together for the first time in Sherlock Holmes Investigates."

Also, he has recently collected his 3 Sherlock Holmes "Fight Card" novels into an Omnibus edition, Queensberry Justice, which contains 3 bonus short stories that link these 3 novels together.

Andrew has also published a children's book Wandering Webber about a young spider who has gotten lost and is trying to find his way home.

We discuss several other topics along the way and Andrew tells us his plans for future publications.

Don't miss this one!


Sherlock Holmes Investigates:


Queensberry Justice Omnibus:


Wandering Webber:


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