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Apr 12, 2015

Glynn Owen Barrass and Brian M. Sammons are well known authors of horror fiction and RPGs especially involving Lovecraftian themes.  They are also editors and publishers of weird fiction.  Their work can be found at Chaosium, Celaeno press,  Dark Regions Press, April Moon Press and many others.   In this interview we discuss the publication of the anthology "Beyond the Mountains of Madness" edited by Robert M. Price which has been in Limbo for several years.  Both Glynn and Brian have contributed stories to the BtMoM anthology.  We also discuss horror fiction, role playing games, things Lovecraftian (and not), and projects that are currently in the works.  The interview contains a few exclusives announced for the first time in this podcast!


Celaeno Press - publishing the forthcoming Beyond the Mountains of Madness:


Dark Regions Press - publishing the forthcoming Children of Gla'aki


April Moon Books - publishing Brian's forthcoming Flesh Like Smoke


Chaosium - publishing the forthcoming Atomic Age Cthulhu


Amazon link for AAC


Glynn's Website


Brian's website