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Apr 17, 2023

The Destroyer series began in 1971 and has been one of the most successful adventure hero series of al time.  The character of Remo Williams was the brainchild of Warren Murphy and Richard Sapir Both of whom have since passed on.  Today, Warren's son, Devin Murphy is the keeper of the Destroyer literary bequest.  This series has been carried on over the last 50 years by several "ghost writers" including Molly Cochran, Will Murray, Jim Mullaney, Gerald Welch, and others.   The series was always a source of excitement, adventure, social commentary and satire.  

Devin is in the process of publishing new Destroyer stories and having the entire oeuvre converted to Kindle electronic format.  

If you have not read the Destroyer series IT IS A MUST for Pulp Fans.  The 3rd novel in the series Chinese Puzzle is a good starting point.


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