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Jul 1, 2016

Author Danny Adams is the great-nephew of Science-Fiction Grandmaster Philip Jose Farmer.  Before Mr. Farmer died, he and Danny collaborated on the novella, "The City Beyond Play."  Now, Danny has taken another unfinished manuscript from the Magic Filling Cabinet and in a posthumous collaboration with his great-uncle has given us a new novel in Mr. Farmer's Dayworld series: "Dayworld: A Hole in Wednesday."  This story is set in the time between the original novella "The Sliced-Crosswise Only-On-Tuesday World" and the novel "Dayworld" which was the first novel in the series trilogy.

Danny and I reminisce about Phil and his legacy.  We also discuss Danny's own writings and what it was like working with a Grand Master!

This book can be ordered at the Meteor House website and will debut at Pulpfest/Farmercon in Columbus, Ohio this coming July.


Dayworld:  A Hole in Wednesday:


The City Beyond Play:


Danny Adams Amazon Page:


 From Danny:

The page for the Ghosts on Drugs anthology that accepted my story "Last Call at Tropical Gale's", though it's still mainly just a submission guideline page: