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Mar 26, 2015

Publisher Matt Morring talks about the new Argosy Library line of classic reprints bringing back into print some of the finest stories from the top-of-the-line pulp magazine, Argosy.  The 'lost' novel of Lester Dent, "Genoius Jpnes" is back in print in a critical edition with previously unpublished material.  W. Wirts "Cordie, Soldier of Fortune" stories are reprinted which were antededent to and influential in the development of Doc Savage.  Otis Adelbert Kline's "Swordsman of Mars" is republihed in its original magazine test with all of the original illustrations.  And ther is much more.


We also talk about other books from Altus Press currently in print and yet to come.  (Hint: the Doc Savage/Shadow cross over and the new Tarzan novel both by Will Murray!)

The Argosy Library


Altus Press