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Feb 20, 2017

Author, Film maker, RPG Creator, and Musical Composer/Arranger David W. Edwards has his first interview with me on his new book "Nightscape Double Feature, Volume One."  This book contains 2 novels write in the Pulp Horror style.  "The Thousand Eyed Fear" is set in World War I where a team of young elite fighters from the Allied nations is sent to find and destroy a new German factory which it is believed is manufacturing a new and deadly Tank.  The leader of this group (known collectively as The Lost Boys) is a young man who has been trained from childhood to be a world class adventurer and righter of wrongs.  When he and his team discover the factory, they find out that what is being built there is far WORSE and a new tank! This story is a collaboration between Derrick Ferguson and Dave Edwards.

The second story is "The Q for Damnation".  It is written by Arlen M. Todd (which is one of David's Nom de plumes.)  We are introduced to Monteau, the masked female detective who uses Surrealistic techniques to solve crimes.  In this story she must battle the Nazis for control of a work of art tat has the potential to enslave every mind on Earth!

Both of these stories are beautifully done with literary style and pulp sensibilities.  They flow well and very entertaining while touching on some serious philosophical questions in an accessible way. 

Dave and I discuss not only this book but previous books he has published along with the film "Nightscape" and his progressive rock album "To Sin Against Our Mercies" (by Project Nightscape) which will tie into an up-coming novel in the Nightscape series. 

I think that the fans will LOVE these books and I encourage all of you to give them a try.


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