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May 6, 2016

Steve Payne offers us a look at the man who became Secret Agent X.  Basing his speculations on the actual hints from the original pulp stories, Steve's latest novel The League of the Seventh Son helps us see how Secret Agent X came to be.

In this rollicking adventure story, an ancient evil arises in New York planning the destruction of America.  Only the-man-would-become-X stands between the USA and a plot for revolution.

The Amazon Secret Agent X Pages:


From Steve:
For Secret Agent X (The Complete Series and my own Master of Madness, Halo of Horror, The Resurrection Ring, and the forthcoming League of the Seventh Son):
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You had requested a list of my favorite works by G.T. Fleming-Roberts.  So here are a few:  
The Complete Cases of Jeffrey Wren (vol. 1)--Altus Press
Diamondstone--Altus Press
PULP TALES PRESENTS #17: Black Wings of Death and Other Stories
PULP TALES PRESENTS #21:  The Sinister Barrier and Other Stories
Terror Tales E-Book (Radio Archives)
Dime Mystery Magazine, G.T. Fleming-Roberts and H.M. Appel (Radio Archives)
Assorted e-books available through Amazon, with some being free, online
Since Fleming-Roberts is returning to popularity again, I suspect that more publishers will reissue collections of his fiction; and thus more readers will discover the quality of his work.
I meant to say, too, that readers should get copies of Paul Chadwick's early character Wade Hammond from Off-Trail Publications.  Here's a link: