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Jan 17, 2016

Ron Fortier and Rob Davis from Airship 27 discuss the new Pulp fiction benefit volume produced for Tommy Hancock.  Tommy had several health issues recently and the proceeds from this book will all go directly to him to help defer his debts. 

The list of authors is a Who's Who of New Pulp fiction writers and the quality and variety of the stories will make this volume a milestone in the Pulp literature revival that is currently in full swing.  In no small measure, Tommy Hancock has contributed to this revival and so it is fitting that this volume created in his honor may be seen in the future as one of the main works that helped to define New Pulp.

There were many exceptional writers that did not get into this volume but were willing to submit both stories, artwork, and editing.  In fact it is possible that a second volume could be in the offing.

Ron Fortier and Rob Davis discuss the process by which this project was conceived and executed.  Legends of New Pulp Fiction is a sign of the respect with which Tommy Hancock is held by his peers and also a demonstration of the generous character of the people working in the New Pulp field.

We also discuss some new things coming from Airship 27 in early 2016.

I strongly encourage everyone to purchase a copy of this unique work.  It is for a good cause and will be treasured for its significance to the New Pulp movement.