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Dec 18, 2014

Michael Vance has been an author and illustrator in comics for many years.  he has also written several books.  His most recent book from Airship 27 is "Young Nemo and the Black Knights" which tells the origin of Captain Nemo, the antagonist from Jules Verne's classic novel "20,000 Leagues under the Sea.  Mike also is the marketing director for Airship 27 and has several other books in print and about to be printed.  Join us for a discussion of where he gained his inspiration and a few "easter eggs" from the book.

Airship 27 Link to Young Nemo


Young Nemo at Amazon

Amazon's Michael Vance page


Young Nemo at Barnes and Noble


Mike lives just a short way from the home where Lester Dent lived before he moved to New York to write for the Pulps.

Picture of Lester Dent's Home in Tulsa, OK